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Civil Disobediance Protest! CCER has a plan!!!!

Our great friends at The Colorado Coalition for Equal Rights ( has a grass-roots protest going. it sounds good to me and i think we should all encourage our local bar, pubs and taverns to think about doing this.

Civil Disobediance Protest

We have started smoking again in OUR bars! We are protesting this ILLEGAL LAW. Bar owners throughout the state have grouped together to protest the loss of our Constitutional rights. As a group, we plan to make the state legislators reverse this law. Each Bar will allow smoking in their bar & collect $1 donation per ashtray to help fight any tickets that may be issued. We WANT to get these tickets, which we will fight with a jury trial and back up the court system. If any fines are imposed, they will be paid by our Donation Fund. You WILL bring your customers BACK into your bar. The State of Colorado has no problem putting you OUT OF BUSINESS..........this Protest WILL bring all of you IMMEDIATE RELIEF. Those who have already joined have already got all of their business back. We need EVERYONE'S participation. It will only work if we have a large number of barowners stand up and protest with us.

The Rules:

1. Post a sign in front of your building or window that reads: "CIVIL DISOBEDIANCE PROTEST" at bottom put the words "smoking ban" circled with a line through it.

2. Have your customers donate $1 per ashtray each time they come into your bar. ALL FUNDS COLLECTED will be put into ONE account for any tickets that may be issued. These funds will ONLY go to pay the fines of those that have joined the protest.

3. All participating bars agree to FIGHT any tickets all the way to a jury trial, and will not waiver. We are looking for strong people who are not going to give up and stick this thing through until we make a difference in the legislature.

*Smoking in your bar IS NOT a violation of your liquor license. Protest as a group and save your business. Click the link at the top for a contact name and number regarding this issue.

One Bar Collected $200 in ONE Week

~~If 10 Bars collected $200 each = $2000 per week in ashtray donations
$8000 per month

~~20 Bars X $200 = $4000 per week $16,000 per Month

~~30 Bars X $200 = $6000 per week $24,000 per Month!

~~40 bars X $200 = $8000 per week $32,000 per Month!!

***1$ per Ashtray doesn't seem like much, but you can see how much money we can raise to pay everyone's tickets.

People???? Bar owners??? is this something we can get people to do????
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