beerkitten (beerkitty) wrote in slf_denver,

as i was trolling other people's ban discussions

i have only this to say:

creating and supporting a law that bans a legal activity because *personally* you "don't like" said activity, and it makes *your* life more comfortable now that the ban exists?  

selfish and shortsighted.  

contrary to modern-day popular belief, the law and judicial system does not exist so that *you* can be confortable and not have to deal with things that you *personally* consider objectionable.   i will discuss all day the economic impact of the bans on both sides of the issue.  i will *not* have a discussion with someone whose entire argument is that they are happy that the ban exists because now they don;t smell like an ashtray when they get home form going out.  that is definitely a benefit of the ban, but certianly a selfish reason to have a ban.  with that logic, let's go ahead and ban perfume and flatulence becuase i personally find those two things annoying,.  

this is about the encroachment of government into our personal lives, not about whether you stink when you come home from going to a club.  

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