beerkitten (beerkitty) wrote in slf_denver,

CO Casino issue - House bill 1269 - YOU CAN HELP!!!!

We need everybody’s help on this and it only takes a minute.
House Bill 1269, taking away the casino's exemption, goes before the Governor to be signed.
We want him to veto this bill.
The casinos have recently began talks with us, looking to join us in the fight.
More importantly, if the casinos lose their exemption, we lose our federal court case.
All you need to do is call the governor's office and tell them your name, county and that you are against House Bill 1269.
The major reasons why: Loss of tax revenue.
How will the Governor pay for his Energy Bill? Why keep signing legislature that is unfair, confusing and impossible to enforce?
NO on HB 1269.
Call 303-866-2471.
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