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Tobacco ban

TO: CU Campus Community

FROM: Office of the President on Behalf of Regent Carrigan

SENDER: officeofthepresident@cu.edu

DATE: 11/05/2007

SUBJECT: Tobacco ban

Regent Michael Carrigan has asked the administration to explore the possibility
of a tobacco ban on University of Colorado campuses. As you know, smoking is
now prohibited in state buildings (University Hospital at the Anschutz Medical
Campus will ban tobacco use on the grounds, effective Jan. 1). The ban proposed
by Regent Carrigan would extend that to all campus property, indoors and out.
He is in discussions with his colleagues on the board about the issue.

Several outcomes are driving discussions about the proposed ban: to promote a
healthy lifestyle and workplace among students, faculty and staff (and its
attendant benefits relating to employee productivity, insurance costs and sick
pay); to reduce health care costs; to minimize unsightly litter; to meet our
educational mandate, particularly in the health sciences; and to make CU a
leader in higher education in our state and nation.

It is important to engage the campus community in the discussion. To that end,
Regent Carrigan has asked the administration and chancellors to facilitate a
number of steps, including conducting a quantitative survey regarding tobacco
use and attitudes; engaging in discussions with governance groups (including
students); and holding open forums on campuses. The survey will be distributed
electronically within the next week. Meetings with governance groups will begin
in December. Open forums will take place early in spring semester. Should the
board determine it wants to proceed, it could vote on the issue late in spring

We will proceed deliberately and with full involvement from the campus
community. We will keep you informed of progress.
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