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Smokers' Liberation Front
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July 1, 2006.
The state of Colorado banned smoking in all public indoor spaces.
Not by popular vote, mind you, but by edict of our elected congress, passing a law that not only tells YOU where you can smoke your tobacco and where you can't, but tells Private Business Owners what they can and can't do with their own property.
All done to protect us from the massive amounts of secondhand smoke floating around.
This congress cowed themselves to the Smoking Prohibitionists, the Purveyors of Questionable Statistics and Chicken Little Proclamations.
This congress denied sanction to our local dives, those neighborhood joints that previously invited our fellow smokers into their hazy darkness for a cold beer and some good conversation.
This congress denied sanction to our bingo parlors and VFWs, ofttimes the only remaining places for our elders to enjoy a nice smoke and some cameraderie.
And, this congress gave succor to the corporate monstrosities in the hills known as casinos. (Casino-workers must be immune to cigarette smoke....)
A dark day...a dark day, indeed.
But YOU still have some power left.... YOU can help all of us displaced cigarette and cigar and clove and pipe-smoking citizens reclaim some of the rights stolen from us.
You can comment here with the bars and restaurants and other establishments that allow our vice.... the Cigar bars, the heated patios, the tobaccanists, the Smoke-Easies (there have to be some out there...i just KNOW it!)...
Join with us, Fellow Smokers!
Join the SLF!!!

We at the SLF want to know YOU, our fellow Cigrette-smokers, Cigar-smokers, Pipe-smokers, Clove-smokers... We want to know about all of the Smoker-Friendly Establishments in the Denver area and beyond...

Smokers/private property rights websites:
Smokers Liberation Front of Denver has no affiliation with any of these sites, but there is some very interesting information on all of these and well worth a read. More information will be forthcoming.
As a member, we look forward to hearing your rants against the anti-smoking and anti-private property rights regimes. We look forward to hearing about the friendly establishments that support our cause. And we look forward to hearing about any protests or political action regarding our issues.
In short, dear member, we look forward to hearing from you on all issues, including the simple enjoyment of a quiet smoke, unmolested by the Anti throngs taking over the common sense of this country.